For Flavor Studio

For Flavor Studio brings fresh ideas to light. Our led and neon installations are always concept-based and custom-made, never lacking inspiration. We started small in 2012, did some pretty exciting stuff over the years and are thrilled to keep on going. Talk to us. Ask us if what you want is possible or if we think you’re batshit crazy. We might say “what the F”, but that won’t stop us from trying.

Asphalt: Danny Daze, Identified Patient, Rick Shiver

For Asphalt GentNov. 17, 2018
Pictures by Lore Steveninck

Bunker ~ Coté Jardin

For BunkerSept. 15, 2018

Jungle Rave hosted by Ongemanierd!

For OngemanierdSept. 15, 2018

ZEB Press Launch FW18

For ZEB FashionSept. 28, 2018

Ritmo Local Festival invites Vice Versa

For Vice VersaJul. 14, 2018

Bunker VOL.5 w/ Niels Feijen & Timmerman

For BunkerMar. 31, 2018

Woodie's Trip To Mars

For CatharsisSept. 30, 2017

Mekitburn Festival 2017

For MekitburnSept. 14 & Sept. 16, 2017

Bunker VOL.3

For BunkerApr. 28, 2017

For Flavor w. Ivy Lab [uk] + Fracture [uk]

For For FlavorDec. 17, 2016

Bunker VOL.2 with IRIS MENZA

For BunkerNov. 10, 2016